Personalized Learning

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Student Agency/Voice

Links on Student Agency/Voice:

World Class Knowledge and Skills

Anytime, Anywhere Learning Opportunities

Links on Anytime, Anywhere Learning Opportunities:

Performance Based Learning and Assessment

Links on Performance Based Learning and Assessment: (School of the Future – NYC) (Grant Wiggins)

Comprehensive Systems of Learning Support

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Links on Comprehensive Systems of Learning Support: (Envision Schools)

Other (College and Career Readiness)

Schools Successfully Implementing Critical Attributes:

Manor New Technology High School

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology

New York City iSchool

School of One - NY

Envision Schools

High Tech High

New Tech

Northwest College and Career Academy

The Metro School

Mooresville Graded School District

Intel Schools of Distinction in Math and Science:

Project Based Learning Resources:

The Buck Institute for Education (BIE)